Vehicle Every Day Carry

What's some shit you keep in your car at all times? Emergency supplies, stuff you need for your work or hobbies, tools in case of breakdown, whatever.

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  1. 1 month ago

    Nothing. It's just extra load weight.

  2. 1 month ago
    The real p

    wow I don’t post for a few days and this place literally turns into fa*ebook

    • 1 month ago

      I wouldn't know, I'm not gay and on facebook.

  3. 1 month ago

    tire gauge
    jumper cables

  4. 1 month ago

    Phone charging cables, umbrella, blanket, camping chairs, couple gallons of water

  5. 1 month ago

    Stuff to clean off bird shit

  6. 1 month ago

    Road rage behavior modification device

    • 1 month ago

      >Ancient NARB
      >Insecure so has to carry a gun he will never shoot anyone with
      LOL, LMAO even.
      Now THIS is pathetic

      • 1 month ago

        kek the troony got triggered by the gun

        • 1 month ago

          >Instantly resorts to childish name calling, forfeiting immediately
          Kek, I accept your surrender

  7. 1 month ago
    Kevin Van Dam
  8. 1 month ago

    >tire plug kit and inflator
    >portable starter
    >spare serpentine
    >socket wrench and sockets
    >a few stubby wrenches
    >jerry can
    >tow straps

  9. 1 month ago

    I live in Chicago what should I keep in my trunk?

    • 1 month ago

      A roll of toilet paper and nothing else.

      Keep a person to detract other people.

  10. 1 month ago

    cable ties, rope, and duct tape.

    • 1 month ago

      cable ties are definitely a must

  11. 1 month ago

    As a driver of an older BMW (2011) I have a scan tool in my car at all times.
    >what if the real luxury car is one you can drive without fear of limp mode?

  12. 1 month ago

    Nothing. I'm not fixing shit on the side of the road.

  13. 1 month ago

    I miss having a CR-V with a table in the back.

    • 1 month ago

      I just found out about that feature recently from a friend who drives one, but they've also stopped doing it in the new models.

  14. 1 month ago

    Werther's caramel candies
    Box of 1mL syringes
    Butterfly bandages
    Bandage wrap
    2 sets of extra bulbs in the glovebox
    That's it, I don't even carry my spare wheel.

  15. 1 month ago

    to be honest the only interesting things I keep in my car are personal grooming things

    i always keep cologne, moisturizer, hair product, a comb, nail clippers, nose hair trimmer, tweezers, stuff like that

  16. 1 month ago

    tool bag for junkyard runs:
    >small impact
    >big impact
    >1/2 drive metric socket set
    >3/8 drive metric deep socket set
    >1/2 drive SAE socket set
    >axle nut sockets
    >crank bolt socket
    >breaker bar
    >a couple ratchets
    >metric spanner set
    >allen key set
    >torx bit set
    >various prying implements
    >a couple screwdrivers
    >random lengths of wire

    misc tools
    >wood blocks
    >oil filter wrench
    >zip ties
    >plastic sheeting
    >duct tape
    >bottle jack
    >120vac inverter (wired into the car's electrical system, bolted to the roof of the trunk)
    >various lengths of chain
    >some random hoses
    >jerry can
    >battery charger
    >jumper cables
    >tire gauge

    >accessory belt
    >oil filter
    >pre-measured oil for one oil change
    >oil for top-offs
    >OEM spare tire

    human things
    >disposable razors
    >bottled water
    >power bars x4
    >fleece blanket (for cuddling)
    >pillow x2 (for sleeping)
    >body soap
    >face soap
    >jug for wash water
    >first aid kit
    >fold out chairs
    >firestarting kit

    Reject gas mileage, become car hobo.

  17. 1 month ago

    if you don't have a flashlight in your glovebox, you're a moron!
    >zip ties
    >impact with sockets n bits
    >jump box with air compressor
    >big scissors
    >3M safety glasses to embody my inner racist
    I drive a '94 Toyota Pickup.

    • 1 month ago

      If I drive an SUV, would you accept in the trunk area underneath the false bottom in a little organizer that sits atop the spare tire?

      • 1 month ago

        Too much effort to get to your flashlight, moron!

  18. 1 month ago

    >water in glass bottles as EDC
    for what pvrpose

    • 1 month ago

      Molotov wienertails.

    • 1 month ago

      Probably the same reason I keep canned water in my car instead of bottled, those plastic bottles apparently leech a ton of BPA if they get hot enough.

      • 1 month ago

        >"plastic bottles leech BPA"
        >gets cans with plastic liners instead
        Anon, I...

        • 1 month ago

          Yes, the brand that I use specifically uses a BPA-free liner, and even if it was a brand that did contain BPA, there's much less in a lined can than a plastic bottle. As far as factory-sealed waters, my only other options would be glass bottles that seem like an accident waiting to happen or those weird foil bags of emergency ration water.

  19. 1 month ago

    >toolbag with like 5 identical 3/8 ratchets and 3 socket sets
    >5 pairs of pliers
    >2 wrench sets
    >3 ft breaker bar
    >jumper cables, jump battery, tire plug kit
    >2 jack stands
    >full size spare tire
    >the used oil from my last 2 oil changes
    >old brake rotors

    • 1 month ago

      >>the used oil from my last 2 oil changes
      For what purpose? Vandalism?

  20. 1 month ago

    garbage bags are a big one for me

  21. 1 month ago

    Few extra tools, bungee cord and ratchet strap, wire, disposable raincoats, smol torch, tissues and rag, can of coffee, can of sparkling mineral water, flask of single malt scotch.

  22. 1 month ago

    Me. I'm always in the car.

  23. 1 month ago

    Spare undies

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