What's In Your Garage?

You wake up in the morning to discover a three (3) car garage has magically appeared in your backyard and inside it, are any three (3) cars, trucks or motorcycles of your choice with all costs such as insurance, gas, etc. prepaid for life.

So, what's in your garage?


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  1. 2 months ago

    1.992 911 turbo
    2. Shelby Cobra
    3. GX460 (previous gen)

  2. 2 months ago

    >So, what's in your garage?

    1. 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT (final production year)
    2. 1983 Honda GL650 Silverwing (final production year)
    3. new Chevy Colorado as a daily driver

  3. 2 months ago

    1. Caterham 620R
    2. Alpina B5 Touring
    3. Ferrari F40

  4. 2 months ago

    Horse car

  5. 2 months ago

    1. Land Rover Perentie 6x6 LHD for world expedition
    2. 1997 NSX Type S-Zero
    3. 1974 Holden Monaro 4 door.

  6. 2 months ago

    1. 1996 Ford Focus LX 1.6L NA
    2. 1996 Ford focus parts car
    3. Hitler's Mercedes

    • 2 months ago

      I approve.

      My list:
      2023 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale.
      2024 BMW M5
      2024 Volvo XC90

      • 2 months ago

        >all brand new frickhuge land barges

        • 2 months ago

          Yeah. It's all I drive

  7. 2 months ago

    1- Renault 25 Baccara
    2- Citroën BX GTI
    3- Peugeot 405 MI16
    >Oui, je suis français

    • 2 months ago

      Enculé regarde ça:
      -Alpine A110 Berlinette (not the hideous MacronMobile)
      -Matra Murena (with an actual engine in it)
      -that one-off Peugeot 505 convertible prototype

      • 2 months ago

        >Alpine A110
        Tellement prévisible ma couille, c'est du même niveau que la Twingo
        Bon choix pour la Matra nonobstant

        • 2 months ago

          >Tellement prévisible ma couille
          Okay mais qui peut dire qu'il n'en voudrait pas une ?

          • 2 months ago


      • 2 months ago

        >Matra Murena (with an actual engine in it)

    • 2 months ago

      I kneel

  8. 2 months ago

    subaru 22b
    mk1 skoda fabia combi 1.9 tdi
    1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut

  9. 2 months ago

    >incel fantasy thread #91028361

  10. 2 months ago

    #27396456 you dildo

  11. 2 months ago

    Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing
    Chevy Camaro ZL1 convertible

  12. 2 months ago

    1. Lamborghini Miura SVJ
    2. McLaren F1 LM Spec
    3. Dauer 962 LM GT

  13. 2 months ago

    My old 1985 Foxbody Mustang SVO
    My old 1997 Talon TSi
    My old 1980 KZ1000

    I just want the ones I lost over the years to come back to me.

  14. 2 months ago

    Porsche 930
    Lamborghini Countach
    Suzuki Mehran

  15. 2 months ago

    Rolls-Royce Ghost
    Mack Anthem
    Kawasaki Ninja

    • 2 months ago

      >24 F-250 XL CCSB 6.7 powerstroke, electric window/lock option, rear LSD

      >24 F-250 Platinum CCSB 6.7 Power stroke, Kelderman air ride

      >Surron electric "bike"

      You are gay homosexuals and I'd recommend you get raped to death by a pack of AIDS Black folk if I didn't think you'd enjoy it so much.

      • 2 months ago

        Why's that? F-250 is objectively the best vehicle in production.

  16. 2 months ago

    >24 F-250 XL CCSB 6.7 powerstroke, electric window/lock option, rear LSD

    >24 F-250 Platinum CCSB 6.7 Power stroke, Kelderman air ride

    >Surron electric "bike"

  17. 2 months ago

    F150 Tremor V8
    997 C2S, lightly modded. (Good weather DD and street-legal fun car.)
    '63 Galaxie, full road race spec.

  18. 2 months ago

    1. new Ford F-150 4X4 with all the belts and whistles
    2. 1963 split-window Corvette
    3. a pontoon boat

    • 2 months ago

      OK boomer.

  19. 2 months ago
    • 2 months ago

      Its like a murder of crows

    • 2 months ago


    • 2 months ago
    • 2 months ago

      >tfw the breeding never stopped
      Theoretically 40 occupancy if those five vehicles are all 8 passenger minivans. If there are two more minivans in the garage, that ups to 56 total. You can deploy each vehicle and optimize separate routes instead of dealing with the time and mileage hassle of a 12-15 passenger van. The minivan is truly the perfectly engineered middle ground of all time.


      >pt cruisers
      That could easily be a boomer car hoard as well.

    • 2 months ago

      Kek, I have a neighbor who lives directly across from a stop sign same as this pic and the driveway always has 3-4 Mitsubishi Outlanders in it. I need to take a pic when I get home

  20. 2 months ago

    Porsche Carrera GT
    Ferrari 458 Speciale
    Ferrari 250 GTO - to sale to finance more cars, property and investments

  21. 2 months ago

    frick the garage ill park like a hundred parts cars around the garage

  22. 2 months ago

    1. S54 swapped E30 Touring, red over cloth seats
    2. Aston Martin DB6/Aston Martin V550 Vantage
    3. 2005 Ford GT

    This is assuming I'm allowed to own other cars as well. I would still keep my shitty 2 seater collection for the twisties.

    • 2 months ago

      I don't have a touring, but I do have an S54 swapped E30. They're possibly the best car that is balanced, with phenomenal power/weight that I have ever driven.

      I'm honestly thinking about starting a company like Singer who custom fabricates high end 911s and 930 Porsches, but instead reach out to a more moderate class of buyers who don't have $400k to drop on a Singer, but possibly $40-50k for an out the door E30. Basically taking an E30 strip them down to bare metal, and swap a rebuilt S54, freshen up everything and modify to performance, suspension, brakes, frame stiffening, and selling the cars as is. I think I can make good money while doing something I enjoy which is tinkering on these cars. Making BMW great again in the process.

      • 2 months ago

        Not for $50k. Maybe $100,000.

      • 2 months ago

        Based and Bimmer pilled.
        They do that for Mustang. I also see a resurgence in older models becoming more sought after as new car prices sky rocket on top of the over use and nuisance electronics gimmickry. I drove the 325i and still driving the E90 as it's the Last of the true 3 series as we've always known it. New ones, electric steering, like the new Supra has anything to do with Supra Mk IV as we've known it. It's over, it's done. Acura NSX, no, another new failure with nothing to do with it's heritage. So here we are, looking at guys like you for our next cars to own. Press on! It's real simple, the connection between man, road and machine, in the zone.

  23. 2 months ago

    1. Ford ranger first gen
    2. Backup first gen ranger
    3. Drz 400

  24. 2 months ago

    1. Mclaren Speedtail
    2. Rolls Royce Phantom Extended Wheelbase with my personal touches (they let you go crazy on personal styling)
    3. Ferrari Daytona SP3

  25. 2 months ago

    1. Vincent Black Shadow
    2. Kawasaki KR-1R
    3. Vyrus Alyen with the H2 engine from the Tesi instead of the Ducati tractor donk it comes with.

  26. 2 months ago

    1. Gen 3 Honda Prelude Si 4 wheel steering
    2. 1996 Dodge Ram 2500 in red
    3. 1997 Volvo 850TR wagon

  27. 2 months ago

    1994 Civic SiR (Tahitian Green) AKA 'Lil Green Civic'
    1994 Civic Feiro RTSi (Harvard Blue Pearl) AKA 'The Ivy League Scholar'
    1999 Civic Type Rx (Flamenco Black) AKA 'Nightshade'

  28. 2 months ago

    1, 1960 Parkwood Wagon with a 496 and 6 speed Tremec
    2, 1976 GMC K30 3+3 long bed, built 12 valve and 10 speed Alison with the tried and true 1 ton running gear from a Super Duty
    3, RUF CTR, aka Yellowbird.

  29. 2 months ago

    I'm a simple guy, these are what I would want:
    >1969 Dodge Charger with a blower
    >1996 Toyota Supra Twin Turbo with a Veilside Combat body kit
    >2009 Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

  30. 2 months ago

    1. 68 plymouth fury police package
    2. uzs131 toyota crown
    3. xv10 camry wagon

  31. 2 months ago

    1. A light shade of grey Pontiac Trans Sport
    2. A slightly darker shade of grey Suzuki Baleno 1996
    3. An even darker shade of grey Range Rover 1992

  32. 2 months ago

    1. 1994 EG hatch with a couple of simple mods:

    10 point cage with Parachute

    3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend

    spec-R full drag suspension

    Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor

    1 044 bosch pump

    1200 rc injectors

    golden eagle sleeved block

    cp 10:1 pistons

    Eagle rods

    arp headstuds

    oem h22 headgasket

    Balance shaft delete

    competition clutch twin disc

    Port and polished head

    skunk2 valve springs and retainers

    Str cam gears

    crower stage 1 cams

    aluminium radiator with slim fan

    gsr transmission with itr lsd.

    qsd h2k intake manifold adapter

    k20 rbc manifold

    qsd throttle body spacer

    blox 70mm throttle body

    4bar omni map sensor

    6al msd with coil and cap. 3 step launch control

    hks bov

    Garret 102mm turbocharger.

    Custom t4 front facing turbo manifold with 44mm flange

    44mm tial wastegate

    Custom water to air intercooler set up

    aem eugo wideband w/ gauge

    tuned on chipped p28

    13 inch volks drag rims

    2 15 inch volks rear rims

    arp extended wheel studs

    si cluster

    150 shots of nitrous im making 348 horsepower to the FRONT WHEELS because thats the only place the power should ever be

    2. Stock NA Miata

    3. Mouse car

    • 2 months ago

      EG is the saloon, you mean EH, that's the hatchback

  33. 2 months ago

    1 suzuki swift
    1 geo metro
    1 trabant

  34. 2 months ago

    1. FB RX-7 GSL (track/autocross prepped on street tires)
    2. E39 Alpina B10
    3. RC36 VFR750 for going fast

  35. 2 months ago

    >some meme Koenigsegg painted the worst shade of brown imaginable

  36. 2 months ago

    1. absolutely perfect, pristine, immaculate GC8 STI V6 coupe in black/cool grey metallic
    2. black first gen aristo/gs400 (the one with the 1uz)
    3. gmc syclone

  37. 2 months ago

    1 chrysler turbine
    2 chrysler turbine for parts
    3 mk4 golf

  38. 2 months ago

    Not necessarily in these colours

    >Charger would be the daily beater
    >Durango for the long road trips and towing
    >Challenger would be track only with rollcage, subframe links, slick tyres, decatted and straight piped

  39. 2 months ago

    some wagon for the grand tour, travelling, far distance anything, business
    >diesel, i6, auto
    most probably a Merc S211 R6
    no labels, no visible exhausts

    a rusty but fully operational twingo mk1 on plain steel rims. blue or green, before face lift, bumpers unpainted
    swapped engine 1.2 16v

    peugeot 208 t16 pikes peak
    the right team of technicians
    and the worlds best tires, of which I need new ones after every ride.

  40. 2 months ago

    Assuming that I’m still single and all those three garage slots are all mine:

    1969 Chevy El Camino SS
    2020 Toyota Avalon Hybrid (already own it and it’d feel like a waste to ditch it less than 20% into its service life)
    2021 Toyota Land Cruiser J200

    I admittedly am waffling a bit on that third slot, but something that can handle snow and off-road conditions felt like the best candidate, and I drive my cars until they croak. LCs are a good fit aside from the garbage fuel economy.

  41. 2 months ago

    1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe
    1962 Ferrari 250 GTO
    1962 Ferrari 250 GTO
    sell them

  42. 2 months ago

    some bmw m, some quirky jdm, my brz
    inb4 reddit

  43. 2 months ago

    OBS Ferd F-350 7.3
    Toyota Taco V6
    Road King with 103

  44. 2 months ago

    pic more less related.
    VL BT1
    VT HSV Clubsport
    K100 Aerodyne with 12v71 Detroit.

  45. 2 months ago

    2001 BMW M3 GTR
    1957 Mercedes 300 SL coupe
    Hitler's six wheel Mercedes

  46. 2 months ago

    4x4 Squarebody trophy Suburban
    Hillclimb spec Audi S1 replica
    Pagani Huayra R

  47. 2 months ago

    pre facelift F90 BMW M5
    GMC 2500 pickup
    Ferrari F40

  48. 2 months ago

    Rsv4 factory and Afrika twin
    Dax cobra/ Weissman/ Carrera gt
    Fxxx k

  49. 2 months ago

    Ciel, modernized with wireless carplay+Android Auto

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