5 cars you'd buy if you suddenly became a billionaire? maximum 3 super cars allowed though

5 cars you'd buy if you suddenly became a billionaire?

maximum 3 super cars allowed though

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  1. 4 weeks ago

    Big car
    Small car
    Sports car
    Offroad car
    Mid size car

  2. 4 weeks ago

    An uber to the dentist

  3. 4 weeks ago

    evo 3
    r32 gtr
    sard mc8

    • 3 weeks ago

      interesting pick

      volvo 740 T5 conversion
      someone on here has a T5 swapped MR2 i want
      ford escort cosworth
      ' 74 260z

  4. 4 weeks ago

    5 more Z3 3.0i Coupes in different colors.

    • 3 weeks ago

      >ricer lights

  5. 4 weeks ago

    McLaren F1
    1961 Chrysler Imperial
    An Uaz Buhanka
    Jeep Grand Wagoneer, those old ones from the 70s/80s
    BMW E24 M6

  6. 4 weeks ago

    Ford gt, clk gtr, top spec caterham, a really nice family van. I can't think of a fif

  7. 4 weeks ago

    Koenigsegg jesko
    Bugatti Chiron
    Pagani Zonda r
    Daewoo lanos
    Geo metro

    • 4 weeks ago

      Bro the Daewoo lanos was my first car.
      it was kinda decent.
      for the fact that it was one of the soapiest eggs around it sure had a lot of rattling and wind howling going once you reached 50kmh though.

  8. 4 weeks ago

    Toyota Matrix AWD XR, 2zz swap, put in a proper AWD system, troony to match, turbo.

    Pontiac Vibe GT. LS swap. Add a proper drive train with a manual troony, rwd.

    DeLorean. LS swap or do a nutty Vortec 4200 turbo setup.

    Second Gen Toyota Matrix AWD S.
    Supercharge the 2AZ, convert drivetrain to full time AWD.

    Trailblazer SS.

    Pontiac GTO Holden.

    And then I will by what I need to do a manual swap for my current car GMC Envoy with the vortec 4200.

    And yes, I will take the time to learn to do thus and I have a buddy who'd want to help me.

  9. 4 weeks ago

    R34 GTR
    Ferarri 599 GTB
    Dodge Viper
    240Z project car
    Suzuki Jimny

  10. 4 weeks ago

    Whatever cheap shitboxes I could find on Craigslist that day
    Preferably one project Panther to manual swap and do stupid tasteless things with

  11. 4 weeks ago

    Ford Model T all original
    Jaguar Mk 2
    Buick grand national
    1938 rolls royce wraith
    And a chiron as my daily

  12. 4 weeks ago

    McLaren F1 short tail color shift paint red and blue
    Second Gen Viper blue with white stripes
    Marauder flat black
    TRX built heavily for offroading - lavender
    Doble E-20 - colored like lenos.

  13. 4 weeks ago

    New top of the line Range Rover (not hybrid)
    Large GM convertible from the early fifties.
    2010 Mitsubishi iMiEV electric car.
    Compact muscle car, like a 1964 Comet.
    Lamborghini Countach LP400

  14. 4 weeks ago

    Yangwang U9
    Xiaomi SU7 MAX
    Aito M9 BEV Ultra
    Fang Cheng Bao 5 Ultimate
    GAC Aion Hyper SSR Ultimate Track Version

    • 4 weeks ago


    • 4 weeks ago

      Are those cars or smartphones?

  15. 4 weeks ago

    Ram 1500
    Ram 2500
    Ram 3500
    Ram Chassis Cab
    Ram Promaster

    • 4 weeks ago

      hell nah the ram homosexuals again

  16. 4 weeks ago

    812 Superfast
    Impreza P1
    Alfaholics GTA
    F90 M5 (family car)
    Keep my Fiesta ST (daily/shopping car)

  17. 4 weeks ago

    I'd buy a workshop to start building a V8 rock bouncer
    and street legal trophy truck
    Jeep Gladiator
    Alfa Romeo Giulia
    Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

  18. 4 weeks ago

    3 Ferrari F40s (to film being crush for youtube views)
    2 Bugatti Veyrons (hyper cars, to film being crushed for youtube views)

  19. 4 weeks ago

    1. Koenigsegg Gemera - I should at least have one super/hyper car to be able to circle jerk with my new rich "friends
    2. Ariel Nomad - seems like a ton of fun, even on bumpy roads
    3. GMC 2500 crew cab Long box - even though I'm rich im still gonna be doing truck things
    4. Mercedes Maybach S680 without any of the external Maybach badging, I want it to look like an aiport limo - I want to be comfy but not TOO conspicuous
    5. Full restoration and build for my 2000 Buick Regal GS, everything is going to be perfect and better than factory, and that 3800 is gonna be making 500+hp to the wheels, it was my first car and I still love it.

  20. 4 weeks ago

    97 cavalier sedan base
    97 cavalier convertable with ride and handling suspension
    97 cavalier RS coupe
    97 cavalier Z24 sedan auto
    97 cavalier z24 coupe
    i know theres 4 supercars but i couldnt help myself

  21. 4 weeks ago

    V5 GC8 STI Type R in blue
    GDB STI bugeye wagon in white
    Isuzu Trooper II S in red
    2002 Turbo in white
    CLK63 Black series in black

  22. 4 weeks ago

    McLaren P1
    Porsche 911 Turbo S
    Cadillac CT5 Blackwing (manual)
    Maybach w/ a driver
    Saab 900 turbo (manual)

  23. 4 weeks ago

    5 cars? No thanks I'm not a hoarder.

    F250 CCSB 6.7 Power stroke 4x4 XL trim with Kelderman air ride and ARB lockers. SSRs from interco.

    BMW HP2 Enduro

    Mercedes Sprinter AWD

    • 4 weeks ago

      May I ask why you remain so humble even in a hypothetical?

      • 4 weeks ago

        >May I ask why you remain so humble even in a hypothetical?
        This should answer it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dA7qSPj9gI

        • 4 weeks ago

          >Make it to the position of being able to enjoy the fruits of excess
          >Too afraid of Black folk to do anything fun

  24. 4 weeks ago

    Koenigsegg CCXR
    Lamborghini Murcielago
    Porsche 993 Targa
    Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2
    Kaiser Darrin

  25. 4 weeks ago

    2005 ford gt
    2017 ford gt
    1960s Shelby cobra
    Ford mustang dark horse

  26. 4 weeks ago

    5 1994 EG hatches with a few simple mods

    10 point cage with Parachute

    3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend

    spec-R full drag suspension

    Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor

    1 044 bosch pump

    1200 rc injectors

    golden eagle sleeved block

    cp 10:1 pistons

    Eagle rods

    arp headstuds

    oem h22 headgasket

    Balance shaft delete

    competition clutch twin disc

    Port and polished head

    skunk2 valve springs and retainers

    Str cam gears

    crower stage 1 cams

    aluminium radiator with slim fan

    gsr transmission with itr lsd.

    qsd h2k intake manifold adapter

    k20 rbc manifold

    qsd throttle body spacer

    blox 70mm throttle body

    4bar omni map sensor

    6al msd with coil and cap. 3 step launch control

    hks bov

    Garret 102mm turbocharger.

    Custom t4 front facing turbo manifold with 44mm flange

    44mm tial wastegate

    Custom water to air intercooler set up

    aem eugo wideband w/ gauge

    tuned on chipped p28

    13 inch volks drag rims

    2 15 inch volks rear rims

    arp extended wheel studs

    si cluster

    150 shots of nitrous im making 348 horsepower to the FRONT WHEELS because thats the only place the power should ever be

    • 4 weeks ago

      >5 1994 EG hatches with a few simple mods
      >10 point cage with Parachute
      >3 piece discontinued JoJo frontend
      >spec-R full drag suspension
      >Fuel cell with -8 lines from tank to motor
      >1 044 bosch pump
      >1200 rc injectors
      >golden eagle sleeved block
      >cp 10:1 pistons
      >Eagle rods
      >arp headstuds
      >oem h22 headgasket
      >Balance shaft delete
      >competition clutch twin disc
      >Port and polished head
      >skunk2 valve springs and retainers
      >Str cam gears
      >crower stage 1 cams
      >aluminium radiator with slim fan
      >gsr transmission with itr lsd.
      >qsd h2k intake manifold adapter
      >k20 rbc manifold
      >qsd throttle body spacer
      >blox 70mm throttle body
      >4bar omni map sensor
      >6al msd with coil and cap. 3 step launch control
      >hks bov
      >Garret 102mm turbocharger.
      >Custom t4 front facing turbo manifold with 44mm flange
      >44mm tial wastegate
      >Custom water to air intercooler set up
      >aem eugo wideband w/ gauge
      >tuned on chipped p28
      >13 inch volks drag rims
      >2 15 inch volks rear rims
      >arp extended wheel studs
      >si cluster
      >150 shots of nitrous im making 348 horsepower to the FRONT WHEELS because thats the only place the power should ever be

    • 4 weeks ago

      OP said 3 super cars maximum.

  27. 4 weeks ago

    911 gt2 rs
    F80 m3 comp.
    Audi q5 s
    J100 Land Cruiser

  28. 4 weeks ago

    I'm not into cars so having money only means a nice F-150 and some SUV to me.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Why are you here?

  29. 4 weeks ago

    '57 Bel Air
    '57 Chieftain
    '58 Chieftain
    '51 Crosley Farm-O-Road
    '56 Patrician

  30. 4 weeks ago

    nissan juke
    fiat multipla
    96 ford taurus
    any italian copy of c7 corvette like iso or zagato(i will burn it immediately)
    any car with mansory kit

  31. 4 weeks ago

    evo 6 tme
    evo 9
    evo X
    mustang s550 mach 1
    Buggatti veyron (sell it immediately and buy various ducatti motorcycles)

  32. 4 weeks ago

    >Bugatti Chiron SS
    >Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster (UR TT Setup with race-spec Clutch, 2KHP)
    >Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut
    >Cadillac Ciel Replica (I have zero clue, what you would build it on, but goddamn, that would be the ultimate futuristic cruiser, shame on you Cadillac for not making it)
    >Rolls Royce Cullinan
    And I'm assuming you're throwing me some money my way for my current cars so I'll build up my Lexus LS430 and G37 into stunning showcars

    • 4 weeks ago

      are you mexican?

      • 4 weeks ago

        And half Greek

  33. 4 weeks ago

    Globecruiser 7500 family
    EarthRoamer HD-009
    Razvani Hercules 6x6 Military edition
    Razvani Vengeance
    BRABUS 900 Rocket Edition - Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 S 4MATIC+ Coupé

  34. 4 weeks ago

    fn2 type r that i would build into a track car
    911 turbo s
    amg g wagon
    a lambo murcielago
    cl65 amg

    • 4 weeks ago

      Which generation? Because I have an unhealthy fascination with the C215

  35. 4 weeks ago
    Italians do it better

    Giulia Quadrifoglio
    Maserati Quattroporte
    164 Quadrifoglio Verde
    Gran Sport Quattroruote
    Ferrari 308 GTB Quattrovalvole

  36. 4 weeks ago

    Suzuki Cappuccino
    NA8 with a GT2871R
    R32 GTS-t Type-M
    SW20 Turbo
    2-door 90's Impreza with a built full 2.5L STi drivetrain swap and a moderately-large turbo
    Weeb as frick, I know

  37. 4 weeks ago
    • 4 weeks ago

      The Black Car, this would be number one of course.
      Been hidden away for a long time.

      • 4 weeks ago
        • 4 weeks ago
          • 4 weeks ago
  38. 4 weeks ago

    I'd get 5 Ferrari 250 GTs and destroy them in various ways on tiktok. Obviously.

  39. 4 weeks ago

    >Nissan Skyline GTR
    >Toyota Yaris GR
    >Mazda Miata
    >BMW X5
    >Tesla Model 3 (2022 model year, pre stalk removal)

  40. 4 weeks ago

    id rather just be able to rebuild the things i already have completely for free.

  41. 4 weeks ago

    Why do you need a car just live in a walkable city

  42. 4 weeks ago

    5 identical cappu's (to my specs) and use the rest of the cash to bribe/lobby/pay fines so I can drive them on public roads.

  43. 4 weeks ago

    Delage D8
    Hispano Suiza H6
    Delahaye 165M
    Bugatti Type 57 (any variant but Corsica is preferred)
    A Group 7 Can-Am

    I don't even like these cars, but they get me genuine clout and access to superior social circles. They aren't supercars, so tongue my anus.

  44. 4 weeks ago

    benz sskl
    lancia 037 stradale
    maserati a6gcs spyder
    og lotus elise for fun
    and a series mcrae impreza as my dd

  45. 4 weeks ago

    Datsun 280z
    Lexus gx 550, sand color (very important)
    Maserati MC20
    BMW s1000rr M sport
    Husky 701

  46. 4 weeks ago

    >Lotus Elise
    >Lancer Evo III
    >k-swapped crx
    >LS400 (comfy)
    >1989 Ford Econoline (never know when you need to move furniture or take a roadtrip with buddies)

  47. 4 weeks ago

    chrysler neon w/ one wheel permanently replaced with a space saver spare

    volvo 240 w/ tinted rear windows and bit of a corrosion problem on the wheels

    1998 toyota corolla w/ all lacquer worn off and rust near the tail lights

    1995 ford transit with one of the rear doors of an entirely different color to the rest of the car

    a circa 2008 mazda 3 but the previous owner was a woman

  48. 4 weeks ago

    Dodge Challenger SXT AWD
    Dodge Challenger R/T
    Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody
    Dodge Challenger Demon 170
    Dodge Challenger SXT RWD with drop top conversion

  49. 4 weeks ago

    Lincoln Town Car, Mercury Marauder, Lincoln Mark VIII, Corvette GS, and Lambo Huracan.

  50. 4 weeks ago

    Ranger Raptor
    F250 Tremor diesel with a nice enclosed car hauler
    997 C2S with light mods
    '68 Torino NASCAR road course car
    Zenki S14 240SX built as a canyon/trackday car.

  51. 4 weeks ago

    B12 6.0
    147 GTA
    Turbo 3.6 S

  52. 4 weeks ago

    1 shitty accord and a huge pile of aftermarket engine components

  53. 4 weeks ago

    Peugeot 205 GTI DIMMA
    North American T-28 Trojan
    Grumman HU-16 Albatross
    Messerschmitt BF110 (or Spanish equivalent)
    Junkers Ju52

  54. 4 weeks ago

    Peugeot 206 RC
    Peugeot 206 SW
    Peugeot 206 CC
    Porsche 944
    An old blocky Volvo

  55. 4 weeks ago

    Billionaire soI also have the means to maintain and repair, so my 5 are:

    -Nissan GTR34
    -Plymouth Cuda 71
    -Lotus Exige
    -A pickup truck at least good enough to tow any of the above
    -A luxury camper / RV

  56. 4 weeks ago

    Lamborghini Diablo GTR
    Mercedes AMG wagon
    Dodge Viper
    VW Baja Bug
    GMC Savanna Conversion Van with 4X4

    Then I'd fully restore my 1994 E320 wagon and do a high budget turbo build on my 1990 300CE.

  57. 4 weeks ago
  58. 4 weeks ago

    GMA T.50
    Bugatti Chiron
    993 (or 964)
    Lotus Elise (or Evora)
    M5 touring

  59. 4 weeks ago

    aixam-mega track
    s130 crown wagon with 1uz and 5 speed swap
    67-68 plymouth fury with 383/440 and 5 speed swap

  60. 3 weeks ago

    Hennessey Venom GT spyder
    Ineos Grenadier
    Mercedes AMG e63s wagon.
    Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance.
    BMW R 1250 RT.

  61. 3 weeks ago

    what counts as a super car?
    '68 shelby gt500
    '89 930 5sp
    '71 a310 with spoiler and wheels from the '77 v6 model
    '92 wrangler sahara
    mini mkiii/mkiv

  62. 3 weeks ago

    In chronological order of production:
    59 Cadillac Eldorado Seville
    67 Fastback Mustang
    1999 McLaren F1 (obligatory billionaire vehicle)
    2022 Acura TLX (daily driver)
    2023 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut (Actual desired billionaire vehicle)
    If we can do trucks too I'd replace the tlx with a trugg

  63. 3 weeks ago

    >mitsubishi 94 LS200 4 door pickup 4x4
    >Mitsubishi Galant Legnum VR4 wagon
    >Mitsubishi Delica 4x4
    >T. 3k Vr4 owner and mighty max

  64. 3 weeks ago

    A yugo.
    Unironically it's such a cute quirky car

  65. 3 weeks ago

    koenigsegg cc850
    pay off my current car
    buy a house
    all I really need or want off the top of my head.

  66. 3 weeks ago

    Too lazy to list the rest but definitely this first. tbf I only want it for the engine. I would Cummins 4bt swap the Huayra R then stick the V12 in something really pointless like a Suburban. Something big and geared really low so you can just make a lot of glorious noise while going not that fast.

  67. 3 weeks ago

    A corolla
    Don't want Tyrone to know I'm a billionaire now

  68. 3 weeks ago

    Dodge charger, Lamborghini competizione, my dad's old ford fusion style+, type 1 land rover, AMC rebel

  69. 3 weeks ago

    Assuming we’re not including cars already owned

    >78-79 Square body gmc (not sure what configuration) 4x4 and Cummins swap
    >toyota fj45 Land Cruiser pickup single cab
    >Nissan 240sx hatch (yes it’s a meme car at this point)
    >2005 ford gt with twin turbo the ones setting records
    >dodge charger general lee stock interior stock exterior but with a small supercharger and boomer cragar wheels on Mickey Thompson slicks “sleeper” (yes I know it’s not a “sleeper” since everyone knows it’s a fast car to begin with but I want it to be modified for a little extra power to complete with modern numbers and have it be drivable under that power while APPEARING to be a boomer spec all original show car, slicks are kind of a giveaway but keep the rest to a minimum

  70. 3 weeks ago

    Suzuki Jimny
    Honda E
    Alpine A110
    Lexus LS
    Mazda MX5

  71. 3 weeks ago

    Hard choices...
    Audi RS6 Avant
    Noble M600
    Honda Civic EG6 SiR-ii
    Chevrolet Caprice PPV 6.0
    Ford F250 6.7 Powerstroke or 7.3 Godzilla

  72. 3 weeks ago

    Billionaire? and assuming this is in addition to my garage right now
    R34 Vspec II NUR
    TA2 race car to my specs
    1970 challenger built on a modern chassis/suspension
    Lada Niva

    and of course since a car hauler isnt a car im getting one to bring the toys to the track

    Id also buy a road course (couple in the mid west have been for sale for some time now)

  73. 3 weeks ago

    Mazda RX7 FD
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V
    Honda Civic Type R EK9
    Honda NSX-R NA1
    Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06
    I enjoy old school

    • 3 weeks ago

      All of those cars are modern.

      • 3 weeks ago

        If you consider 20-30 year old cars modern, yea.

        • 3 weeks ago

          I do.

  74. 3 weeks ago

    5 vw golfs mk2. (for spare parts).

  75. 3 weeks ago
  76. 3 weeks ago

    Abrams tank, MRAP, tank recovery vehicle, suitable tank transporter.

  77. 3 weeks ago

    Scion iQ
    Smart Fortwo
    Toyota Sienna AWD

    Something like that. I think city cars would be good backup cars.

  78. 3 weeks ago

    Supercinq GT turbo
    Alpine A110
    Honda NSR 250 Lucky Strike

    • 3 weeks ago

      this one but the one that comes with a fat ass and turbo and rear engine and all the jazz, oh, orgasmic, there was one that wasn't even road legal
      other than that, a cool coupe merc V12 biturbo I guess

  79. 3 weeks ago

    Land Cruiser

  80. 3 weeks ago

    Chevy Blazer
    GMC Jimmy
    Chevy Tahoe
    GMC Yukon
    Cadillac Escalade

  81. 3 weeks ago

    Cadillac CT5
    Cadillac XTS
    Cadillac DTS
    Cadillac DeVille
    Cadillac Series 62

  82. 3 weeks ago

    Datsun 240z
    Benz G Wagon (daily)
    2000 Trans Am WS6 in Silver or Yellow
    Any-gen Dodge Viper
    Nissan D21 Hardbody

  83. 3 weeks ago

    this :
    Volvo 740, Mazda Rx7, Hommell rs2, Cadillac ct5, Henessey venom f5

  84. 3 weeks ago

    1968 dodge charger
    1967 Chevy Impala
    2019 silverado 2500hd
    Cadillac Eacalade
    1996 Impala SS

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